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  • Our Lady of Good Counsel

    Our Lady of Good Counsel

  • "The Holy Family of Nazareth is truly the 'prototype" of every Christian family which…is called to carry out the wonderful vocation and mission of being the living cell not only of society but also of the Church, a sign and instrument of unity
    for the entire human race."

    - Pope Benedict XVI

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About Us

The Holy Family Apostolate is an association for Roman Catholic families who, while not presuming to be composed of holy members, take seriously the command of Our Lord Jesus Christ, “Be ye perfect as your Father is perfect” (Mt. 5:48).

Our field of apostolate is firstly ourselves as individuals, our family members, form whom we have to answer directly to God, and lastly other families, as good families will necessarily produce a better society.

We take as our patrons the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, whose love for us cannot ever be adequately expressed, and to whom we can best show our love and admiration by attempting to emulate.

Many worthy groups and many good materials exist to support families in their vital role, and we aim, when possible, to promote the best of these and produce our own material for the good of families. In this regard we currently produce a newsletter which aims to form and inform. We occasionally arrange ‘ family days’ (in Scotland) sometimes meeting socially at, for example places of Catholic interest, or at a family home for a talk and activities. We also arrange, twice yearly, ‘Catholic family Weekends’ which have proven to be highly popular.

The mission field of the married person is firstly within the threshold of his or her own house; here he or she is obliged to practice the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

The enemies of our souls referred to by Our Lord Jesus Christ as “the world, the flesh and the devil” are increasingly influencing the age we live in, and many parents today are alarmed at the increasing spiritual and moral danger their children are being exposed to, and feel let down by those in positions of authority who have failed them. They often feel isolated and overwhelmed by the pace of change in a  world that is rapidly becoming pagan and immoral.

The Holy Family Apostolate was established by concerned parents in order to support each other in carrying out this important mission. The Holy Family Apostolate encourages parents to ‘work as if everything depends on them, but pray as if everything depends on God’. Ora et Labora is just as necessary for the parent as it is for the monk.

Pius XII prophetically stated “to consider the state as something ultimate, to which everything else should be subordinated and directed, cannot fail to harm the true and lasting prosperity of nations”. Laws are now passed which attack or undermine family life, and the forces of good seem at times to be powerless against the all-mighty state.

The Holy Family Apostolate encourages all to fight for the family and the Faith in whatever ways they can, and if, like Peter, they begin to sink ebeneath the waves, to do as Peter did, and cast our eyes on Jesus, our harbour and our hope.

The Holy Family Apostolate promotes the traditional Church and Marian devotions, including the family Rosary and the Brown Scapular, encouraging all to take refuge in the heart of Our heavenly Mother, whose Immaculate Heart will ultimately triumph, and only then will true peace come to the world.

If you believe in adhering to the magisterial teachings of the One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church and are of good will and serious about your sanctification and the sanctification of others, well perhaps you would like to join us. We are fairly new and don’t promise to do great things, but hope to do little things well, for the good of souls. Good will and a desire for the salvation of ourselves and others is expected of all members.

The Holy Family Apostolate is a Charity, registered in Scotland, Charity no.: SC035912.

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