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What I Witnessed During the Irish Referendum

Posted by Joseph on 21 June, 2015

hile the result of the referendum is a terrible disaster for Ireland and the whole world, I would like to report on what I saw during the campaign to legalize same-sex “marriage” on the Emerald Isle.

Actively involved in Irish Society for Christian Civilisation, I spent the weeks before the referendum campaigning in defence of traditional marriage. I was witness to the strong-arm tactics and other irregularities that marked the referendum.
On the YES side what I saw was:
-the entire apparatus of the State, including bodies that by their nature should be neutral, such as the police and the Referendum Commission (established specifically to provide neutral information about referenda);

-all the political parties;

-97% of the members of the parliament and senate (less opposition than Putin gets in Russia);

-at least 95% of the money spent campaigning on the issue (most of the money on the pro-SS side appears to have come from Atlantic Philanthropies, a “charity” founded by Irish-American leftist billionaire, Chuck Feeney; also all the State bodies supporting the referendum are State funded. Both Foreign funding and State funding are illegal in an Irish referendum);

-at least 95% of celebrity endorsements, including an ex-president of Ireland (who is supposed to remain silent on political issues) as well as film stars, musicians, sports stars, etc.;

-support (amounting to economic blackmail) from big business (Google, Twitter, ebay, among others);

-75% of print media (some media sources claim that it was as high as 98%);

-The Children and Family Relationships Act, April 2015, dealing with adoption and surrogacy, is legislation that was introduced (and rushed through parliament) with the explicit intention of disqualifying adoption and surrogacy as arguments in the referendum debate;

-a referendum on reducing the age of eligibility of candidates for the presidency was held on the same day for no apparent reason other than to attract to the polling stations the young demographic most likely to vote yes to SS “marriage”;

-the 60,000 Irish living overseas and eligible to vote were being offered to have their fare home subsidised by pro-SSM groups so that they could vote; and

-a company (Hailo) that processes 90% of taxi fares in Dublin offered a €15 reduction on fares to polling stations for voters who would be voting YES.
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One Response to “What I Witnessed During the Irish Referendum”

  1. Alistair Maria Badenoch said

    Q. When does the effective denial of family become pathological?


    • When it alters reality to such an extent that we lose touch with “normal.”
    • When it forces others to join with us, in living our lie.
    • When it’s a rewrite of reality that is far enough from the truth, that it makes us live a dishonest life on the inside or the outside.


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