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70th Anniversary of the Amazing Hiroshima Eight

Posted by Joseph on 7 August, 2015

Hiroshima before the bombing.

Early on August 6, 1945, a lone American B-29 Superfortress bomber circled in a vividly blue sky over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The unsuspecting inhabitants on the ground barely glanced at the plane. They were unaware of the deadly payload it was about to unleash on them, ushering in the atomic age with unimaginable death and destruction.

As one single bomb neared the ground, a city died in an instant. Houses crumbled, people evaporated, an immense ball of fire shot skywards, and a terrible wave of super-heated gas bulged out from ground zero, flattening buildings for miles.

Atomic cloud over Hiroshima.

Amongst the unsuspecting inhabitants of Hiroshima was Fr. Schiffer, a Jesuit missionary assisting the many Catholics of that city. On the morning of August 6, 1945, he had just finished Mass and sat down at the breakfast table. As he plunged his spoon into a freshly sliced grapefruit, there was a bright flash of light. His first thought was that a fuel tanker had exploded in the harbor, as Hiroshima was a major port where the Japanese refueled their submarines. Then, in the words of Fr. Schiffer: “Suddenly, a terrible explosion filled the air with one bursting thunder stroke. An invisible force lifted me from the chair, hurled me through the air, shook me, battered me, whirled me round and round like a leaf in a gust of autumn wind.” Next thing he remembered was that he opened his eyes and found himself on the ground. He looked around, and saw there was nothing left in any direction: the railroad station and buildings in all directions were gone. Yet, the only harm to him was a few slight cuts in the back of his neck from shards of grass. As far as he could tell, there was nothing else physically wrong with him.

The small community of Jesuits to which Fr. Schiffer belonged lived in a house near the parish church, situated only eight blocks from the center of the blast. When Hiroshima was destroyed by the atomic bomb, all eight members of the small Jesuit community escaped unscathed, while every other person within a radius of one-and-a-half kilometers from ground zero died immediately. The house where the Jesuits lived was still standing, while buildings in every direction from it were leveled. Father Hubert Schiffer was 30 years old when the atomic bomb exploded right over his head at Hiroshima. He not only survived, but also lived a healthy life for another 33 years!

Our Lady of the Assumption Church and the Jesuit Rectory.

How did this group of men survive a nuclear blast that killed everyone else, even people over ten times further away from the blast? It is absolutely unexplainable by scientific means. An interesting detail is that this group of Catholic clergy was made up of ardent enthusiasts of the Message of Fatima. They lived the Message. Was their fidelity to Our Lady rewarded by this stupendous miracle of their survival?

Atomic cloud over Nagasaki from Koyagi-jima on August 9, 1945.

Even more astonishing is that the story was to be repeated a few days later at Nagasaki, the second Japanese city to be hit by an atomic bomb. In both Hiroshima and Nagasaki the survivors were Catholic religious. Most other buildings were leveled to the ground, even at 3 times the distance, but in both cases their houses stood – even with some windows intact! All other people, bar a handful of scattered mutilated survivors, even at thrice the distance from the explosion, died instantly. Those within a radius ten times the distance of the Jesuits from the explosion were exposed to fierce radiation and died within days.

After the American conquest of Japan, U.S. army doctors explained to Fr. Schiffer that his body would soon begin to deteriorate because of the radiation. To the doctors’ amazement, Fr. Schiffer’s body showed no radiation or ill effects from the bomb. All who were at this range from the epicenter should have received enough radiation to be dead within a matter of minutes. Scientists examined the group of Hiroshima Jesuits over 200 times during the next 30 years and no ill effects were ever found.

hiroshima after

Could it have been a fluke? Could the bomb’s makers have designed it to avoid killing U.S. citizens? There is no known way to design a uranium-235 atomic bomb so it could leave such a large discrete area intact while destroying everything around it. The Jesuits say: “We believe that we survived because we were living the message of Fatima. We lived and prayed the Rosary daily in that house.” Fr. Schiffer feels that he received a protective shield from the Blessed Virgin, which protected him from all radiation and ill effects. Fr. Schiffer attributes this to his devotion to Our Lady, and his daily Fatima Rosary: “In that house the Holy Rosary was recited together every day.” Secular scientists are dumbfounded and incredulous at his explanation. They are sure there is some ‘real’ explanation. However, over 60 years later the scientists still have not been able to explain it.

From a scientific standpoint, what happened to those Jesuits at Hiroshima still defies all the laws of physics. It must be concluded that some other force was present, whose power to transform energy and matter as it relates to humans is beyond our comprehension.

Urakami Cathedral after the bomb. Only 500 feet from the hypocenter of the blast stood the original Urakami Cathedral, a center for Nagasaki’s Catholic community. Catholic missionaries first came to Nagasaki in the 16th century, and within several decades hundreds of thousands of people in Southwestern Japan were practicing Catholics.

Dr. Stephen Rinehart of the U.S. Department of Defense is widely recognized as an international expert in the field of atomic blasts. Says Rinehart: “A quick calculation says that at one kilometer the bulk temperature was in excess of 20,000 to 30,000 degrees F, and the blast wave would have hit at sonic velocity with pressures on buildings greater than 600 PSI. If the Jesuits, at one kilometer from the geometric epicenter, were outside the atomic bomb’s “plasma” their residence should still have been utterly destroyed. Un-reinforced masonry or brick walls, representative of commercial construction, are destroyed at 3 PSI, which will also cause ear damage and burst windows. At 10 PSI, a human being will experience severe lung and heart damage, burst eardrums and at 20 PSI limbs can be blown off. All the cotton clothing would be on fire at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and your lungs would be inoperative within a minute of breathing even one lungful of air at these temperatures.

“No way could any human have survived nor should anything have been left standing at one kilometer. At ten times the distance, about ten to fifteen kilometers, I saw the brick walls standing from an elementary school and there were a few badly burned survivors; all died within fifteen years of some form of cancer. Reconnaissance pictures taken of a panoramic view from epicenter of the blast, at Shima Hospital looking towards the Jesuits’ house, did show some kind of two-story building totally intact, at least from what I could make out, and it looked to me the windows were in place. Also there was a church with walls still standing a few hundred yards away, but the roof was gone.

“The Department of Defense never commented officially on this and I suspect it was classified and never discussed in open literature. I think it is possible the Jesuits were asked not to say anything either at the time.”

Miraculous Image of Our Lady of FatimaFor God, who made all matter and energy, it is simply a matter of willing it and the laws that govern them are suspended. This is what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It also happened in ancient times, to the loyal servants of God Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago, as is related in the Book of Daniel (3:19-24):

“Then was Nebuchodonosor filled with fury: and the countenance of his face was changed against Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago, and he commanded that the furnace should be heated seven times more than it had been accustomed to be heated. And he commanded the strongest men that were in his army, to bind the feet of Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago, and to cast them into the furnace of burning fire. And immediately these men were bound and were cast into the furnace of burning fire, with their coasts, and their caps, and their shoes, and their garments. For the king’s commandment was urgent, and the furnace was heated exceedingly. And the flame of the fire slew those men that had cast Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago. But these three men, that is, Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago, fell down bound in the midst of the furnance of burning fire. And they walked in the midst of the flame, praising God and blessing the Lord.”

Original article taken form:




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Listen to the Baby Planned Parenthood Can’t Silence

Posted by Joseph on 1 August, 2015


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n Legalizing Same-Sex “Marriage” U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Natural Law and Provokes God’s Wrath

Posted by Joseph on 5 July, 2015

As usual, a well worded response to a great evil by the TFP..


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Great video!

Posted by Joseph on 3 July, 2015

This video lasts only four minutes and fifty-four seconds. Someone really smart at the Marriage Project was able to compress the profound issues and arguments about same-sex marriage into this clear, compelling, and easy to understand presentation.

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What I Witnessed During the Irish Referendum

Posted by Joseph on 21 June, 2015

hile the result of the referendum is a terrible disaster for Ireland and the whole world, I would like to report on what I saw during the campaign to legalize same-sex “marriage” on the Emerald Isle.

Actively involved in Irish Society for Christian Civilisation, I spent the weeks before the referendum campaigning in defence of traditional marriage. I was witness to the strong-arm tactics and other irregularities that marked the referendum.
On the YES side what I saw was:
-the entire apparatus of the State, including bodies that by their nature should be neutral, such as the police and the Referendum Commission (established specifically to provide neutral information about referenda);

-all the political parties;

-97% of the members of the parliament and senate (less opposition than Putin gets in Russia);

-at least 95% of the money spent campaigning on the issue (most of the money on the pro-SS side appears to have come from Atlantic Philanthropies, a “charity” founded by Irish-American leftist billionaire, Chuck Feeney; also all the State bodies supporting the referendum are State funded. Both Foreign funding and State funding are illegal in an Irish referendum);

-at least 95% of celebrity endorsements, including an ex-president of Ireland (who is supposed to remain silent on political issues) as well as film stars, musicians, sports stars, etc.;

-support (amounting to economic blackmail) from big business (Google, Twitter, ebay, among others);

-75% of print media (some media sources claim that it was as high as 98%);

-The Children and Family Relationships Act, April 2015, dealing with adoption and surrogacy, is legislation that was introduced (and rushed through parliament) with the explicit intention of disqualifying adoption and surrogacy as arguments in the referendum debate;

-a referendum on reducing the age of eligibility of candidates for the presidency was held on the same day for no apparent reason other than to attract to the polling stations the young demographic most likely to vote yes to SS “marriage”;

-the 60,000 Irish living overseas and eligible to vote were being offered to have their fare home subsidised by pro-SSM groups so that they could vote; and

-a company (Hailo) that processes 90% of taxi fares in Dublin offered a €15 reduction on fares to polling stations for voters who would be voting YES.
The Role of the Hierarchy and Clergy


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Ireland: a post-mortem examination – by Roberto de Mattei

Posted by Joseph on 31 May, 2015

In his masterpiece “The Soul of the Apostolate”, Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard (1858-1935), Trappist Abbot of Sept-Fons, expressed this maxim: “A holy priest coincides with a fervent populace; a fervent priest – a pious populace; a pius priest – an honest populace; an honest priest – an impious populace” (Italian version, Rome 1967, p. 64). If it is true that there is always a degree less in the spiritual life between the clergy and the Catholic people, after the vote in Dublin on May 22, we should add: “An impious priest coincides with an apostate populace.”
Ireland in fact, is the first country where the legal recognition of homosexual unions has been introduced not from the top but from the bottom, through a popular referendum; yet Ireland is also one of the oldest Countries with a deep-rooted Catholic Tradition, where the influence of the clergy is still relatively strong in part of the population.

It is no novelty that the “yes” to “homosexual marriage” was supported by all the parties, the right, the left and the center; it is not surprising that all of the media sustained the LGTB campaign, nor that there has been massive financing from abroad on behalf of this campaign; the facts foreseen, were, that, of 60% of the population who voted, only 37% of the citizens expressed their “yes” and that the government had skillfully shuffled their cards introducing a law in January 2015, permitting adoption by homosexual couples, prior to the recognition of pseudo-homosexual-marriage. What provokes the greatest scandal are the silences, the omissions and the complicities by the Irish priests and bishops throughout the electoral campaign.
One example is enough for all the rest. Before the elections, the Archbishop of Dublin, Diamund Martin, declared that he would have voted against homosexual marriage but wouldn’t have told Catholics how to vote (LifeSiteNews.com, May 21). After the vote, he declared on Irish National Television that: “the evidence cannot be denied” and that the Church in Ireland “needs a reality-check” In merit of what happened Monsignor Martin added: “it isn’t only the outcome of a campaign for a “yes” and a “no” but it attests to a much deeper phenomenon” therefore “ we need to review the pastoral care of youth: the referendum was won with the votes of the young and 90% of the young who voted attended Catholic Schools.” (www.corriere.it/esteri/ May 24,2015)
This position reflects, in general (apart from a few exceptions) the Irish clergy who have adopted the line that Monsignor Nunzio Galantino, the Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference in Italy, had hoped for: to avoid polemics and clashes at all costs: “it is not about who makes the loudest outcries, the pasdaran [*Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards] of the two sides exclude themselves” (“Corriere della Sera”, May 24).



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Catholic and Evangelical leaders: Same-sex ‘marriage’ more harmful than divorce and cohabitation

Posted by Joseph on 12 March, 2015

March 10, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Redefining marriage to include same-sex couples will damage the institution far more than divorce and cohabitation already have, a joint statement signed by several dozen Catholic and evangelical Christian leaders argues.

They warn that since same-sex “marriage” was created by the state, “where the family is a creation of the state, children become, in important legal respects, the property of the state.”

The statement, authored by the group Evangelicals and Catholics Together and contained in the March issue of First Things magazine, calls same-sex unions a “parody of marriage” and warns that divorcing marriage from its original purpose of uniting a man and woman for the purpose of creating new life will have devastating consequences for society at large – and children especially.



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Cardinal calls for saint-like love in defence of marriage

Posted by Joseph on 9 March, 2015


9 March 2015: A prominent Cardinal of the Catholic Church has called for Catholics to imitate the Christian martyrs in defence of marriage and human life.

His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke made the call this past weekend in addresses for Voice of the Family http://voiceofthefamily.info/ and the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) www.spuc.org.uk in Chester and Southport, north-west England.

On Friday evening in Chester there was standing-room only as the Cardinal spoke on the theme “Remaining in the Truth of Christ on Holy Matrimony” [full text: Cardinal Burke Chester 20150306]. Bishop Mark Davies, Catholic bishop of Shrewsbury was present, as were many priests, journalists and families who had travelled from all over the UK. Cardinal Burke said: “Today, for example, we sadly find the need to speak about ‘traditional’ marriage, as if there were another kind of marriage. There is only one kind of marriage as God has given it to us from the Creation and as Christ has redeemed it by His saving Passion and Death.”



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St. Thérèse of Lisieux’s parents to make history as first married couple to be canonized together

Posted by Joseph on 7 March, 2015

Featured Image

ROME, March 6, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) — A Vatican official has announced that the parents of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin, will both be canonized this October, making them the first married couple in the history of the Church to be declared saints at the same time.

Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, said the couple will be canonized on October 19 during a Mass in the Basilica of St. Therese in Lisieux, France. He was speaking at a meeting organized by Libreria Editrice Vaticana to discuss the topic “Of What Use Are Saints?” with a focus on the importance of sanctity in the family.



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Russell Brand just destroyed porn in one of the most jaw-droppingly awesome rants ever

Posted by Joseph on 27 February, 2015

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