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Cardinal Burke praying fervently that the Synod-caused confusion will stop

Posted by Joseph on 2 November, 2014

Cardinal Raymond Burke, the Church’s top canon lawyer, has given another admirably strong interview about the Synod, this time toCNSNews.com. Do listen or read the interview in full on the CNSNews.com website. Here are some key extracts from the remarkable words of a remarkable pastor of the family:

Cardinal Burke: “The priests and bishops are called to be faithful to the truth. Our office is to teach this truth and to assist the faithful to live it, but we can never even under some supposed pastoral approach either alter or deny the truth about marriage.”

…Cardinal Burke: “…we have descended and gone away from the truth of our faith and the truth of the moral law in society in general. But the fact that these kinds of questions are being seriously discussed in the church should shock us all and awaken us to the need today to give an heroic witness to the truth of the indissolubility of marriage from attacks from within the church herself.”

continues: http://voiceofthefamily.info/wordpress/?p=510


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