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Liberation theologian remembers Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira warning about the future Islamic problem

Posted by Joseph on 16 August, 2014

The work ” Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: Forecasts and Reporting in defence of the Church and Christian Civilization , “by Juan Gonzalo Larrain Campbell, São Paulo, Artpress Graphic Industry and Publishing Ltd, 2001, pp.. 23-24:

Liberation theologian recalls the founder of TFP Islam_08_stop_genocide_12082014statement, made more than 50 years, pointing out Islam as the major problem for the future of the Church.

In a long interview about the current religious situation in the world, the Jesuit priest John B. Libanius [1932-2014], one of the exponents of Liberation Theology, made interesting testimony. To the question “what the future of the Catholic Church,” replied

“Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira (founder of TFP – Brazilian Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family and Property) gave a lecture to the Jesuits in 1940, imbued with a messianic whole idea [sic], saying that the great problem of Christianity was the Islam. 50 years ago, was prophetic, or the history was, for other reasons, walking in that direction.  The fact is that confirms what he intuited “(emphasis added) (1).

The Jesuit placed today before the evidence of the Mohammedan advance, recognizes categorically confirmed that the founder of TFP forecasts. We speak of “predictions” in the plural, as Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira wrote at the time about 25 articles warning Catholics about the future resurrection of the Muslim danger. Thus, for example, stated:

“Anyway, the Muslim world is on the verge of a great religious resurrection … “(emphasis added) (2).

And later wrote: “By insisting strongly on the importance of ‘Arab question’ for the world of tomorrow, the Legionnaire. … Is not moved but by the zeal of faith. …. We have no hostility to the Arabs as such.  We fear, however, that its growing influence raises therefore the influence of Islam. ”

And commenting on statements by the Prime Minister of Egypt on the necessary stages for Arab unity, the article concluded: “On this day [of the Meeting of the Arab Congress], will form-up at the gates of Europe and poor semi-dechristianized a ‘Arab danger’ equal or greater than the time of St. Pius V and the Battle of Lepanto “(emphasis added) (3).

That the prophecies of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira on Muslim resurrection are fulfilling the Father himself. Libanius confirms.

It would be interesting to hear a word about that priest another prophecy – much more serious than the previous one, but has also fulfilled – at the same time stated by the founder of TFP: the leftist infiltration of the Church through the resurrection of modernism.

Source: http://ipco.org.br/ipco/noticias/teologo-da-libertacao-lembra-declaracao-fundador-da-tfp-feita-ha-mais-de-50-anos-apontando-o-islamismo-como-o-grande-problema-para-o-futuro-da-igreja#.U-98xPldXA0





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