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French Education Minister Visits Kindergarten to Tell Boys They Can Be Girls: Man Dumps Tons of Manure in Front of Parliament

Posted by Joseph on 19 January, 2014

(Paris), France’s Minister is going to kindergartens in order to explain to the boys that they should play with dolls and the girls that they want to play with the beginning of the program of “ABCs of Equality” . This is an attempt to work “against gender stereotypes” in the age group of three to six year old children. Minister of Education Vincent Peillon and women’s rights minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem form the ideological spearhead of the socialist government, who are going to kindergartens to start yet another new government program.
The fight against “gender stereotypes” is officially underway in France. In order to put the ideological re-education in effect, it already starts with small children in preschool. The 

state takes over the education of children and wants to start as soon as possible with a one-sided indoctrination. The program is based on gender ideology, which states that the biological sex is not decisive, but the perceived gender. The left-liberal “liberation struggle” will “liberate” man and woman allegedly from socially “enforced” gender roles.

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