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    Our Lady of Good Counsel

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The end and beginning – Last and First hours

Posted by Joseph on 31 December, 2013

Will you spend the last hour of 2013 and the first hour of 2014 united with the

Angels and Blessed in Heaven or with the fallen Angels and damned souls in Hell?

Will you join those who unite with Jesus, Mary and Joseph to offer

Adoration, Reparation, Thanksgiving and Petitions.

Make the last hour of every year your first Holy Hour and the first hour of the New Year your second Holy Hour followed my many more!

If you do not have a Church where you can pray your Holy Hours,

Please pray them in your home.

We become what we think about most.

What will our thoughts be about during 2014 and the rest of our lives?

The end and beginning of the calendar year is a time when indeed it is good to stop and consider, contemplate, and think about what we have done in the past and what God truly wants us to do in the future.  What we do with each moment of time while we are on earth determines our eternal place in heaven or in hell.

Time is a very precious treasure.  Every year that is given to each one of us, what else is it but a fortune that the great Father of all gives to the human soul as to his beloved child?  And what a splendid fortune it is! What a rich and fruitful capital, provided only it is well employed and made good use of!  So rich is it, and so precious, that if the Saints in heaven could feel any discontent, they would envy us the possession of it, and the greatest torment of the souls in purgatory, the greatest despair of the reprobate in hell, arise from the fact that they can no longer have that precious gift.  Let Father Francis Hunolt refresh your memory on the value of the good use of time: http://www.jmjsite.com/thegooduseoftimev4.pdf

Whither goest thou?” St. John xvi. 5.  The year is about to end and during 2013 how many people do you know who were living when 2013 began but now have been called back into eternity?  Their time to merit a higher degree of glory in heaven while they were living on earth has now ended for them?  How many people will began 2014 and not be alive when it ends?  Will you or I or both of us be among them?  If more people would consider their last end, how differently they would live!  Here is a hyperlink to a sermon by Saint John Mary Vianney to help us consider the question, “Whither goest thou?”  http://www.jmjsite.com/sermonofjohnmaryvianney.pdf.

Saint Alphonsus Maria explains to us some of the means necessary for salvation.  Among those means we are to avoid all unnecessary occasions of sin, meditate daily on the passion and sufferings of Jesus Christ, and have a true devotion to Mary the Mother of God.  If interested, you can listen to his sermon given on the third Sunday of Advent: http://www.jmjsite.com/Third%20of%20advent.html


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