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With close to 1.9 million signatures, “One of Us” is Europe’s most successful citizen’s initiative!

Posted by Joseph on 15 November, 2013

While it is still possible that some further form-sheets with signatures will reach the organisers, one may assume that by now, ten days after the deadline for signatures, no significant increase is to be expected any more. It is therefore time to look at the outcome of the initiative and draw some conclusions.

According to the latest calculations published today, the initiative “One of Us” has received the support of 1.894.693 citizens, which, by a narrow margin of roughly 10.000 signatures, places it on top of all European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs) that have been concluded so far. In other words, it is now clear that the protection of the right to life as from conception is the first and most important among the concerns that European citizens want to bring to the attention of their politicians. It would be a devastating blow to the EU’s ambition to get rid of its “democratic deficit” if this clear and unequivocal message remained without consequences.



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