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Public Square Rosary Rally

Posted by Joseph on 6 October, 2013

Dear Friends,

A critical point is being reached for the Church in Scotland.
Looking at the latest figures for the Diocese of Glasgow, for example, we see that, from 1977 to 2012, the number of priests has fallen from 285 to 99- of which a third are over aged over 60! In the same period, the number of marriages has fallen from 2319 to 510 – a fall of over 78 percent!
Al attempts at halting this decline over the last few decades have failed miserably.
The time has now come to appeal to God through Our Lady. After all, Mary herself, predicting the spiritual and moral disaster we see around us at Quito, Akita and Fatima, also said that the victory in the end will be hers.
‘America Needs Fatima’ has organised 10.000 ‘Public Square Rosary locations where a Public presence of loyal Catholics will pray for Our Lady’s intervention, this coming Saturday, 12th October.
In conjunction with them, we are having a Public Square Rosary in George Square, Glasgow, Sat 12, noon, for 1 hour.
Please join us if you can, or look up  to find a location nearer you. http://campaigns.americaneedsfatima.org/current-campaigns/rosary-rally-captain-map.html
Please, for the sake of the Church, your family, for your country,try to attend a Rally.
Please pass the information on to your friends.
Adveniat Regnum Maria!

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