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Euthanasia of newborns in the Netherlands opens new phase in the fight against abortion

Posted by Joseph on 7 September, 2013

No doubt it was shocking and outrageous news about the planned legalization of the killing of sick newborns in the Netherlands. The introduction of euthanasia for newborns is opening a completely new phase in the struggle for the right to life.

From now you can kill newborns, obviously without their consent.

The killing of newborns is no invention of modern times. It was practiced among the pagan peoples.Only with the advent of Christianity is that there was a change of consciousness and ceased the practice as inhumane, unjust and cruel as abortion.

Thus the legal introduction of euthanasia for newborns documented not only decreasing influence that Christianity has in our day, but also where it is headed our society due to the disappearance of Christian influence. She is coming back in its decay, barbarism and paganism.

This news, however daunting it may be, came unexpectedly. As has been widely described, the prenatal diagnosis (PND) – that is, the medical research of the child in the womb – calculates the possibility of the occurrence of genetic diseases in unborn or any other.

In practice, this is mainly to check whether there is occurrence of fetal trisonomia 13, 18 or 21 (Down syndrome or mongolism), so the most common genetic derivation. About 90% of children with Down syndrome are aborted after such medical controls.

As a rule the crime of abortion is more imminent prospect in prenatal diagnosis, since only a part of ever smaller cases it is possible to do operations or employ effective therapies. Thus, as a rule, the objective pursued by prenatal diagnosis and genetic testing is clearly the selection of children with physical defects.

It is important to know that different processes of prenatal diagnosis (PND) can only provide a probability of the existence of diseases and by no means a certainty. Thus are killed even healthy children (and patients survive).

Since many of these abortions are performed late – so it is called late-term abortions – many people simply calls for infanticide:  “In fact it would be better to let the child come into the world in a natural way and then kill her if she is really sick. In this case it would have absolute assurance about the state of his health and the doctors would avoid the risk of being held accountable. “

Abortion to euthanasia of newborns

In Germany, on the occasion of the revision of paragraph 218 of the Penal Code – which was the penalty applicable to a woman who practiced abortion – in the early 90s, under the name of  “indication embriopática”,  was introduced in the legislation on abortion the  “eugenic indication”  (§ 218 of the Penal Code), which later culminated in the indication  “medicinal”  enlarged. This indication allows medical abortions until shortly before birth if there is danger to the mother’s health. However, this is mere theory.

In practice, the mere risk of a child being born seriously defective (genetic testing and prenatal diagnosis does not give a 100% certainty) is already considered as a psychic weight so great for the mother, who can not stop her to abort. This, in turn, is the legal presumption that feeds the great development of prenatal diagnosis and genetic testing. The prenatal medicine is nowadays a segment with strong economic growth. At this point we come!

continues at:http://ipco.org.br/ipco/noticias/eutanasia-recem-nascidos-holanda-abre-fase-luta-aborto#.Uis8YMae2Uo


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