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    Our Lady of Good Counsel

  • "The Holy Family of Nazareth is truly the 'prototype" of every Christian family which…is called to carry out the wonderful vocation and mission of being the living cell not only of society but also of the Church, a sign and instrument of unity
    for the entire human race."

    - Pope Benedict XVI

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The Family: The Most Basic Institution

Posted by Joseph on 26 August, 2013

AUGUST 26, 2013

Although the modern world has glorified the individual, we can have no illusions. Isolated man accomplishes very little by himself. It is upon man in association with others that a civilization is built.

That is why the family is so important. The family is the first and most basic social, political, and economic unit without which the State would cease to exist and society would fail to perpetuate itself.

It is to this institution that we now turn. Since both society and economy began around the hearth of the traditional family, it is to the family, with the father as its head and the mother as its heart, that we must return to be regenerated.

It is not just the physical existence of the family that we seek. We need the spirit of the family. That is to say, the family is able to communicate an atmosphere of temperance and balance that particularly addresses our present needs.

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