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Ireland lower house passes permissive abortion law 127-31

Posted by Joseph on 13 July, 2013

Irish parliament voted 127-31 in favor of legislation that allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy where the life of the mother is at risk which notably includes if the mother threatens suicide
Clare Molloy of the pro-life group Youth Defence described it as a “dark day for Ireland when the legislature close their ears to the medical evidence, turn their backs on the electorate to which they promised no abortion legislation, and have now legalised the death penalty for innocent unborn children.”
“We know that abortion is not a treatment for suicide, the psychiatrists are blue in the face from telling Enda Kenny that, but yet he chooses to ignore this evidence and says his hands are tied by the Supreme Court decision in the X Case. It  is now clear that that decision was fundamentally flawed because we didn’t have the evidence that we now know. Clean out your ears Taoiseach, if a decision is wrong then we shouldn’t follow it. The people are the final courts of appeal in this democracy and 86% of us want a referendum,” Ms. Molloy concluded.

2 Responses to “Ireland lower house passes permissive abortion law 127-31”

  1. llooeegee said

    Ireland, once the land poets and scholars, is now a God forsaken desert, devoid of morals and Christianity like most
    so called, civilised and democratic .states

    • Joseph said

      There are still many good souls in Ireland. Over 60,000 people turned out in the streets of Dublin to protest this bill, but, as in many countries, the Orwellian media has downplayed or ignored this fact.

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