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Scottish government committee recommends making free leather gloves available to teenage burglars

Posted by Joseph on 2 July, 2013

A report from Holyrood’s health and sport committee, published last week, calls for a national strategy to reduce injuries from burglaries.

Controversially, it recommends starting burglary education ‘as early as possible – pre-school even’ and making free protective leather gloves widely available to teenagers as young as 13.




One Response to “Scottish government committee recommends making free leather gloves available to teenage burglars”

  1. Who came up with such a bizarre idea like this? Children are meant to be children and have the right to be loved, cared for and protected. They are not meant to be burdened with all the adult complexities of survival. They are to know about all faiths and none, sex, contraception, abortion, gay marriage etc!!!!! This Government should give back to parents their right to be parents and help them to bring up their children. The Gov’t has too much say in policy making re children and have erroded parental rights. They need to wake up to this fact.

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