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But the greatest of these is love: what my grandmother taught me about being pro-life

Posted by Joseph on 12 June, 2013

There are so many things we need to teach the next generation about the pro-life cause. The sciencethe truth about what abortion does to the motherthe reality of fetal painthe communication skills needed to effectively defend the pro-life position…the list is endless. Yet sometimes amidst all the information and reasoning and academic papers, we can miss transmitting the most essential aspect – love.

Why care about abortion harming women? Because we love these mothers, and what happens to them matters. Why does it matter that the aborted infant feels pain? Because we love the unborn person who is suffering. Why the science demonstrating the humanity of fetuses? Because we love life, and value it. We need to pass on all aspects to the next generation, but always and only within the framework of teaching our children to love. And sometimes – sometimes actions truly do speak louder than words, and the most unassuming person becomes a hero for the defense of life.

I’ve had the privilege of attending many pro-life seminars, debating for the cause of life, testifying before legislative assemblies, and working “on the ground” for pro-life ministries and leaders, yet I learned the most from one little “nobody”: one woman who, in her quiet, unassuming life, passed on convictions and truth that I could not escape even if I tried.

continues: http://liveactionnews.org/but-the-greatest-of-these-is-love-passing-the-pro-life-message-to-the-next-generation-and-beyond/


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