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The 10 Answers about True Marriage that USA Today Never Published

Posted by Joseph on 11 March, 2013

Recently, a collegiate correspondent for USA Today contacted TFP Student Action for an interview.  The young reporter asked ten questions about DOMA and the same-sex “marriage” debate.  She wrote:  “Please return them [answers] back to me by the end of the day so I can include your perspective in the article.”

Sure.  So within a few hours, TFP Student Action answered the ten questions.  Well, guess how many answers were published?

None.  Nada.  Not even one.

See for yourself here:  Obama’s anti-DOMA brief affecting LGBT discourse

Why is the media unwilling to print opinions that favor traditional marriage?  Why is the liberal media censoring legitimate points of view that oppose the homosexual agenda’s frenzied push to radically redefine marriage?

For the record, here are the answers that USA Today never published.:



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