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Ocean to Ocean- World Pro-life Campaign

Posted by Joseph on 4 November, 2012

Ocean to Ocean- World Pro-life Campaign
A copy of the Częstochowa icon of the Virgin Mary which has been leading the ;From Ocean to Ocean pro-life procession’ from the Pacific Ocean (Vladivostok) to Madrid and then to the Atlantic coast (Fátima, Portugal).

Икона Божией Матери «Ченстоховская»

The campagn’s motto: “East and West in defense of life!”

The route of the pilgrimage will run through the territory of more than twenty countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, UK.

One of the goals of the campaign is to support the countries with pro-life and pro-family legislation—Hungary and Poland, which face aggressive political pressure from the European Parliament and other anti-family institutions.

Plans for the forthcoming pilgrimage of the icon across UK

Monday 5th November: arrive Westminster Cathedral.

Tuesday 6th November

Thursday 8th: Walsingham Slipper Chapel
(arrived previous evening)

Friday 9th: Walsingham Slipper Chapel.
Mid-day leaves Walsingham

Saturday 10th: St Chad’s Cathedral Birmingham
(arrived 6 pm the previous evening). Departure at noon.

Sunday 11th: Shrewsbury Diocese
(arrived 3 pm previous day)

Monday 12th: arrives at Edinburgh Cathedral at 5pm in time for Polish Mass at 6pm

Tuesday 13th: Edinburgh The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. Leave 6pm

Wednesday 14th: Carfin. Arrived at 7.30 pm previous day. Leaves at 3pm

Thursday 15th: Glasgow St. Andrew’s Cathedral. Arrive 5pm previous day. Leave — time to be arranged for ferry to Northern Ireland

Friday 16th: Crossing to Ireland, touring Ireland: November 16 — November 26

Do try to visit one of the sites- Our Lady will be waiting there to greet you!


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