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Scotland for Marriage update

Posted by Joseph on 18 July, 2012

Scottish Government takes more time to examine gay marriage legal minefield
Dear marriage supporter,

The Scottish Government is taking more time to examine the complex legal implications of redefining marriage, but it has promised to make an announcement by the end of the month.

The Cabinet met yesterday. They had planned to announce their decision on whether or not the Scottish Government will proceed with redefining marriage.

But instead, they decided to set up a sub-committee chaired by Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to examine the complex legal difficulties.

It just shows that the Scottish Government dived headlong into this issue without properly thinking it through. Now they realise the mess they’ve landed themselves in.

For months, we at Scotland for Marriage have been pointing out the legal chaos that will ensue if the Scottish Government changes the meaning of marriage.

We were accused of scaremongering, but now the reality has dawned on the politicians that we got it right all along.

The fact is, the Scottish Government does not have the full legal power to protect freedom of conscience and freedom of speech for people who disagree with gay marriage.

A whole host of laws need changing, including the Equality Act. But that legislation can only be altered by MPs at Westminster, not MSPs at Holyrood.

The Cabinet did decide one thing: they won’t hold a referendum on the issue. That speaks volumes.

The Scottish Government is alienating voters and taking Scotland into a legal minefield. It’s high time these plans were dumped.




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