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Homosexuality- a highway to AIDS

Posted by Joseph on 27 June, 2012

The devil sure makes much headway by obscuring the truth about vice, sin, and its consequences.

The latest figures from America on HIV and AIDS shows the real effect the unnatural vice  has on the human body, not to mention the soul.

Though they make up only 2 percent of the U.S. population, in 2009 MSM (men who have sex with men – a common name for the act, but should it not be called men who sin with men) accounted for 61 percent of all new HIV infections in the United States and 79 percent of all infections among newly infected men.1.

True compassion for those enslaved to this vice, and concern for thsoe who may be enticed into it, demands that the truth be shouted form the rooftops. And the pulpits! Pope Benedict XVI has repeatedly emphasized that a medical response to this problem is necessary but insufficient. Speaking of the crisis he says, “Above all, it is an ethical problem. The change of behavior that it requires — for example, sexual abstinence, rejection of sexual promiscuity … ultimately involves the question of integral development. … For if it is to be effective, the prevention of AIDS must be based on a sex education that is itself grounded in an anthropology anchored in the natural law and enlightened by the word of God and the Church’s teaching”



2  (“Africae Munus,” No. 72).


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