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Return of Assisted-Suicide Threat

Posted by Joseph on 22 April, 2012

I append an excerpt from the R.C. Politics website.  Will you consider a submission – just even to say that you disagree with the principle of the Bill?
And thanks to those who may have already responded.
Please encourage others to respond too.
Return of Assisted-Suicide Threat

Margo Macdonald is set to try once more to have the law changed to allow people to have their lives ended. The independent MSP has produced a new consultation paper and she now has to start her attempt from the beginning of the Parliamentary process. Her failed attempt to introduce euthanasia was in the last term of the Scottish Parliament and therefore she is permitted under the procedural rules to re-introduce proposals.

The consultation document attempts to put the principled opposition to killing people to one side by asserting “many of the moral and philosophical points… are unchanged. I do not intend to consult further on these general issues but would prefer… to investigate… the specifics of the process now proposed”.

That however side-steps the greatest concern, which is practical as well as philosophical and moral. That is, the danger that arises once the absolute protection of innocent life is removed from the law; and ending life is consequentially seen as a therapeutic response to suffering.

The present proposal from Ms Macdonald does not require a psychiatric assessment of the applicant; this had been a requirement of her previous bill.

The new proposal is that a licensed facilitator will attend the termination of life but without directly administering the lethal concoction, which instead the persons will take themselves. It is therefore an assisted suicide bill rather than a euthanasia bill.

The facilitator is expected to get the poison for the person wishing to end their life and stay with that person during the self-administering of it. The facilitator is to film the process and report the death to the police.

The previous attempt at a bill permitted considerable analysis and a lot of Parliamentary time for the issue. After that it only led to 16 members of the Scottish Parliament voting for it. It is to be hoped that the change in the membership of the Parliament following last year’s election will not adversely affect the level of opposition to the proposals.

The context within which the political debate on such issues takes place should be affected by events at a European level. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recently adopted a resolution stating that “Euthanasia, in the sense of the intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his or her alleged benefit, must always be prohibited”. The Council of Europe is responsible for the European Convention on Human Rights and the administration of the court which enforces it. The unequivocal statement on euthanasia should help strengthen the understanding of the right to life which has increasingly been protected under human rights laws. Decisions by the European Court of Human Rights have tightened the responsibility on states to ensure they do all possible to avoid the unnecessary deaths of their citizens. The director of the European Centre for Law and Justice, Gregor Puppinck, commented that the passing of the resolution was “a clear indication that the growing majority of Europeans is opposed to euthanasia. The many abuses occurring in the countries allowing euthanasia are alarming and constitute violations of true human rights.”

Please respond to the consultation which can be obtained atwww.scottish.parliament.uk/parliamentarybusiness/Bills/46127.aspx

It will also be helpful for people to find out if their MSPs are supportive of the proposal and inform our office


One Response to “Return of Assisted-Suicide Threat”

  1. llooeegee said

    Another ‘thin edge of the wedge’ situation – like ABORTION. The thick end is deciding who is the arbiter of such circumstances. Even IF we marginalise or ignore the ETHICS, MORALS [Christian teaching] it is a human disaster waiting to happen.It is an abomonation which IS happening in Holland and other States in EUROPE- where parents,elderly and confused souls are being taken by Friends? Relatives? to be,cured or helped in a medical centre where, unknown to them, the are put down !
    Just think — it could be YOU !

    God help us all and God help the people, LAW MAKERS, who play God !

    They are directly to blame and their electorate are not free of blame, are they?

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