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Posted by alexanderplinio on 30 March, 2012

A new national poll shows that 70% don’t want marriage to be redefined. It shows that the Government is at odds with the public on this issue. A majority, 59%, agree with civil partnerships and seven out of ten agreed with the statement “Marriage should continue to be defined as a life-long exclusive commitment between a man and a woman”.

Over two thirds, 68%, say: “Marriage is important to society and should be promoted by the state.” And 84% think: “Although death or divorce may prevent it, children have the best chance in life if raised by their own mother and father in a stable, committed relationship.”

The poll was conducted by ComRes for Catholic Voices. Over 2,000 people living in GB were surveyed online. Dr Austen Ivereigh, coordinator of Catholic Voices, said: “Our poll shows that the Government has no mandate to alter an institution which lies at the foundation of our society.

“British people believe that gay relationships should be recognised by the state through civil partnerships. But they are clear that marriage is a unique institution which needs to be promoted because of the benefits to children of being raised by a mother and a father. “These results are a clear warning to Government that it is at odds with the public on this issue.”

Link to Original : http://c4m.org.uk/2012/03/new-poll-70-say-dont-redefine-marriage/


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