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Dear Friends,At…

Posted by Joseph on 25 December, 2011

Dear Friends,

At the time of Our Lord’s Nativity He was already rejected by those who denied lodgings to Mary and St. Joseph. As an infant, His death was plotted by Herod. 

Our Lord, the fullness of perfection of goodness, was rejected by the wicked and the mediocre.


Today, the Holy Family and the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church are more and more intensely rejected by men. And not just rejected but every imaginable insult is hurled upon Them.


The Holy Family Apostolate attempts to defend the teachings of the Church and to keep holy the Sacrament of Marriage- one man and one woman, as taught by the Church, the bible and natural law.


May the Infant Jesus, true God and true Man, Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph, protector of families, bless you all this Christmas. May They also grant you the graces to even more vigorously defend them on 2011.


God bless you all this Holy Season!



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